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Slowly moving stuff from the primates wiki. Sorry for the mess.

Written by Helper:

Most of the above I agree with except for Colours and outline. This seems a highly restrictive colour set. I would also hope that someone consulted the Industry Colour Forecasts. You may wind up using a colour set that feels dated from day one. Outline forces a cartoon look on the designer. There are many cartoon icons sets for the Desktop. Why create another? Mac OS looks great without this and shades to darker.

Have we really thought through the entire design process? Colour design is extremely important.

I'm going to punch hard because I really believe in what you're doing, but we Open Source bods seem highly blinkered to real design work.

Menu icons

At 16×16 pixels, the "Extra Small" size is used in places such as lists (file dialog, message list in an e-mail client, etc.) and menus.
Note, however: The Tango Project recommends keeping the number of menu items with an icon to a minimum. Only the most frequently used menu items should feature an icon. Otherwise the purpose of visual anchor is nullified by introducing visual noise in the menu.

If the icons are significantly differentiated, which seems to be as simple as variously directioned arrows if you look at the Cute Menus Firefox extension, then they may in fact become helpful. It's not just that a person is looking for a picture, but that they're looking for a specific picture; do realize that the human mind goes as far as recognizing words primarily by the overall shape of the words rather than the individual letters. Placing an icon gives an image to recognize, which can be quicker and become more familiar than a word; icons supply shape and color, while words supply shape.