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All-in-one download

I'm not sure how long this will be available/what Google Pages have as far as bandwidth, but for the time being, I've created a zip file that has the gallery in a simple html file. I've modified the html file so that it points to the local pngs, css files, and SVGs. Just extract the zip somewhere and open index.html, and you should have access to all the pngs and svgs you could ever want, as long as they were in the original gallery.

P.S. If there's any legal problem with this, then let me know. I'm just trying to make this accessible to people.

Tango Icon Gallery: Archived Copy

This page used to contain a list of descriptions and previews of current icons, but was removed due to server load. It was 1.53MB in size, and 842 separate files. Thats enough to choke any server.

I made a copy of the file in the Wiki history with Opera, in the MHTML format (similar to email mime) so all the individual files are now in Base64 in one file. The links are still intact too. This link is Opera and Internet Explorer only. Sorry.

A permanent solution for someone else to tackle: render the icon previews in PNG, then convert to Base64 to put in the HTML. Then add a redirect on that page to redirect users to Coral Cache, unless the user is the Coral bot.

Would an admin post a link to this or a similar file they create? I use this page constantly to snag that one Tango icon I need.

Simple archive download (tarball, rar, zip)?

There doesn't seem to be a way to download the icons directly, just the desktop themes. What's the deal? Are these icons not for generic use?

The icons are very nice, by the way.

  • I second the above. I would love to use some Tango icons in a theme for my forum, but in order to do that, I'd need the SVG files, which I can't find anywhere. I understand, however, the bandwidth concerns-- does anyone know of a mirror from which I can download the Tango icon set as SVG files? --Southwest 11:49, 8 March 2008 (PST)
  • No, the icons are not meant to be used as general icons. They are meant to fulfill specific metaphors, and not designed with the intent for others to use the icons for arbitrary metaphors in their own applications. The SVG files are available in CVS and the tarballs. Not all of the "source" files are SVG. Some of the smaller resolution icons have xcf.bz2 source files instead.

Where are all the icons gone?

Why are all the icons missing, I really need them as they are the best set of icons around. HELP

They haven't gone anywhere. The Gallery page is down because it creates too much load on the server. Every icon on the page is a cvs checkout on the server, which creates way too much load. The icons are still in CVS.

missing icons?

Hey, I've been using your icon set to create a small php file admin interface. Even though these probably weren't designed for use on web pages, they still look pretty great. At least a lot better than without any icons at all.

However, there are a couple icons that I find are missing, and not all of them are web-specific. Firstly, I've been unable to find a icon for "Create new folder", which I would imagine to be a useful elsewhere too... Secondly, the system-file-manager icon doesn't really work too well as a general-purpose 'Browse this directory' icon. I ended up usign the generic "folder" icon for both. Also nice would be a icon for "upload", but I don't know if that's so important outside of the web... perhaps a ftp browser?

Great work!

SpComb 13:12, 7 May 2006 (PDT)

other standard icons

hey just thought i'd throw this out there ... what about including in the list of standard icons, icons for mouseover (keyboard focus) and mouseclick states. that way the os doesn't have to handle that. in my experiences with windows, this was one of my peeves, how windows just tinted a selected icon blue. what if you're allergic to the color blue? that's not very thoughtful of the folks up at redmond. so i recomend that linux (and os's supporting the opendesktop standard) include support for icons having an up, over, select, and hit states as well as maybe other states like hidden (instead of just lowering the opacity). april 25, 2006 10pm

Hi Guys,

I've just sent back an Apple laptop because I really liked how Gnome worked and the laptop had serious problems with the software. However, this exercise made me question weather its possible to get Gnome to look like MacOS. To my surprise someone has ripped most of it off and with a few minor compromises I now have a much superior look. Gnome can look extremely sexy. Obviously your project cannot use ripped off MacOS icons though.

Gnomes icon sets (including the one in this website) just dont do justice to the software. The bar needs to be raised not only to MacOS level but beyond. There are many young designers out there who would give their eyeteeth to do a poster child like this so hopefully they'll be welcome and someone will pull them in. I would also ask that the interface is not another cartoon style icon set. It has to be remembered that the interface needs to be used by adults and businesses. It might be worth doing 3 themes. Kids, Adults and Business. Why not run a competition with donations for a prize and really publicise it?

Those who are not real designers and artists, can be praised for getting Gnome and KDE through its trying development. However they should step back a bit and realise they would better support a desktop by organising the thing and not getting too involved in the actual art/design. One feels the clamps are still there for some reason.

We just dont seem to engage the design community. Gnome and KDE are so open that the entire look can be formed. Why not let the best design win? This is really the Open source way I think.

I suggest approaching design sites like designboom, psfk, kalibre, Deviant art etc, to put in some articles telling them what you're up to.

Positively, your website is much better than the site and You could be a major magnet for the needy. We **SO** want something better!

Good luck!


Trash Icon

The shape of Tango's trash icon looks almost identical to that of the GNOME trash bin. Please change the icon's shape so that it's style appears equally balanced between KDE and GNOME.

Tezeti 19:44, 7 December 2005 (PST)


The computer and terminal icons seem to shiny---maybe not as shiny as the example in the "common mistakes" section, but too shiny in comparison to the other icons. To me,they just don't fit in.

Also, touch the binary/executable/whateveritis iscon and die! :P

Thanks. Sykil 15:16, 17 December 2005 (PST)


I'd like to see an icon for a tag and for a collection of tags. Since folksonomy seems to be ever more popular, having a uniform visual identity for tags is paramount. Daniel 06:52, 26 December 2005 (PST)


It would be nice if you could add an icon which symbolizes that the last action was successfully completed. PS: This project is simply awesome, very nice work, keep it up! PPS: I second the request for a proper tag-icon, I created my own out of some parts of your icons.

Thanks! Milian Wolff 19:08, 16 January 2006 (GMT)

Only a few icons hold it back.

It's looking great. a huge amount of work there. Congratulations. The set exhibits understanding of the importance of common hues and tones - it looks beyond a raw common colour palette for internal consistency.

I do however think a few icons really hold the others back both on an aesthetic and semantic level.

The 'computer' icon seems a bit silly altogether, obliquely facing the viewer like that. If you must have this weird recursion of a computer inside a computer (??), why not stick in on a 3/4 angle? It looks strangely flat while at the same time unnaturally 'glossy'. Most of all an icon of a tower computer makes no sense on a laptop (something a lot of people live out of 24/7). Should find a common ground there.

The delete button also looks pretty aliased and is 'exaggerated' when taken in visual context with the other icons. While a delete button does need to be prominent, this one produces noise in relation to it's peers. It also has a contradictory message, representing the universal symbol for "Stop". Maybe a line or a cross through a generic file icon (like scoring it out) would be better. The Emblem Unreadable looks ok for this job as it stands.

The Go Bottom, Go Next and Go First etc green icons also look far too chunky and hard edged to be a part of the broader Tango family - detracting from the elegance and serendipity of the other action icons. They're kind of bulky. Other action buttons like those for Refresh and Go Jump have a grace to them that these don't.

Mark Mail Junk at 22x22 also looks like it's been run over, a look that at first glance appears to be unintentional. At larger and smaller sizes it's not a problem however.

The logout icon still looks as obscure as it always has. Who thinks of leaving the room when logging out really? This always confuses people I move to Gnome. If it's decided the metaphor is a good one, then maybe an image of a lock would be better? At small sizes that icon has never worked (in Gnome) and tends to confuse people.

I really like the idea of a competition also BTW. Perhaps it would be a good idea to collaborate with a design academy as part of a masters course? Design students would jump at the idea of designing for an OS and would look great on their CV. They could each come up with a set using the Tango spec as a special project or similar.

Cant see the new

The 'new' icons (document-new, address-book-new, appointment-new etc.) are not distinguishable from the other icons on a white background, because the color of the 'sparkle' is yellow.

Good points raised

Some good points were raised in "Only a few icons hold it back".

The collective work is here great, but there are one or two "let down" icons. "system-log-out" is by far the worst icon (imho) in the tango collection. Not only does it look quite bad in comparison to the others, but I don't think it conveys its purpose well enough.

I've also noticed the lack of a universal "lock" icon (e.g. for secure browser transactions). Perhaps the lock from "system-lock-screen" could be used.

Reason for this article's deletion?

Apparently, the article is gone. My friend was using Tango icons for his new CMS, and he liked using this page to be able to preview icons for use.

What gives? =(

The gallery ate too much bandwith

The host was not that happy with all the bandwith being used for the gallery, so therefore the removal. I bet it could be hosted elsewhere if someone in interested in hosting it. It's a great todo for artists if nothing else. 11

missing icons for tabs

I think tab-open tab and tab-close icons would be nessecary. I currently use the document[- [open|close]]? (i am full of regexp, sorry :) ) icons, but in some icon sets this doesn't fit :/ -- epsy

Flags Set

There is a lot of flags to do. But the Tango Icon Gallery is too big. We need to modularize and create the Flags Set.

Spread Tango!

You should have banner, button or something for webmaster, I'm sure people would like to promote!