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Commenetd out Bitweaver. At least the screenshot 
should show a full tango-styled icon coverage,nit a 
mishmash of styles (high contrast, gnome2.0 ...))

Jimmac, for a CMS it doesn't seem so trivial to have a consistent icon set, because its users can (and will) do what they want with the GUI code. It's considered a feature that bitweaver can fall back to alternative icons.

Project that uses Tango

I was going to add a link to my project that uses the tango icons. It's used it for about a year. The projects site and the application has included a link to this site for over a year. If you find it appropriate, please link my site. I really like the icons. They are awesome. This is the projects site. The link is on the FAQs page, and inside the application. The icons should be visible in most screen shots. Cheers! -Rptfan 09:16, 12 October 2008 (PDT)