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The following screenshots illustrate some ideas that may help simplify and clarify the meaning and use of "windows" on the desktop.

Please Note: These screenshots are not intented to suggested a visual style. Rather, they are intended to illustrate the following window ideas (ie. the colors and shapes are not the point).

Here is a basic outline of the ideas illustrated:

  1. Distinguish between document title and application titles and make the document title more prominent
  2. Eliminate distinction between window backgroundand window title bar - Window background is click-and-drag-able everywhere that is not a control
  3. Large, click-able/drag-able document icon that can be dragged to the trash to delete, dragged to the desktop and other locations to save, etc.
  4. All controls and elements sit on the window "pane", always leaving click-and-drag-able area for moving, and always leaving clickable borders for window resizing
  5. Window resize gripper is always available to provide a large, easily clickable window resizing area



The examples show two possible position/oritations of the application menu bar (File, Edit, etc.). First, the menu stays in its traditional location, flush to the left of the window pane. The second possible orientation shows the menu pulled up under the window title, to the right of the new large window/document icon. A version of each example screenshot is shown here with both possible menu locations. Feedback on this issue is encouraged.

Basic Text Document Example


Basic Web Page Example


Simple Game Example