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There's a project to create a tango-styled default theme for Firefox linux builds. The discussion takes place in the Mozilla bugzilla and Google group. The complete list of icon needs can be found here.

Icon States

While some icons come in various sizes, most also need derivatives for certain states like normal, hover, and active(hit). The normal state is the source image to create the derivatives from.

  • Hover - saturate the colors by around 10%.
  • Active - darken by 10% as well.

The icons need to be composited on a common canvas, leaving no padding, in the following order of the tiles: [normal][hover][active].

Tangoified app-specific icons


Name Artist Status Icon
Applications Prefpane kallepersson TODO -
Bookmarks jimmac DONE bookmark.png bookmark.png
Downloads andreasn WIP downloads.png
Generic Application kallepersson DONE generic-application-16x16.png
Go Arrow andreasn DONE Go-arrow.png
History andreasn DONE history.png history.png
Info andreasn WIP -
New Tab andreasn WIP tab-new.png
New Window andreasn WIP - window-new.png window-new.png
Popup Blocked andreasn WIP
Secure Broken andreasn WIP
Secure andreasn DONE - lock.png lock.png
Star andreasn DONE pageStarred.png
Stop jimmac DONE stop.png stop.png
Tag jimmac DONE tag.png
Tabs Prefpane andreasn WIP
Universal Addon jimmac DONE addon.png addon.png addon.png
Unstarred andreasn DONE starPage.png
Web Feed andreasn DONE - rss-feed.png rss-feed.png