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What is the Tango Desktop Project?

Our front page states, "The Tango Desktop Project exists to create a consistent user experience for Open Source software." That's a pretty good explanation. Between the front page and this FAQ, you should hopefully get a pretty good idea what we're set out to accomplish.

Why make a whole new set of icons?

Icons are important; they add meaning and convey a sense of style.

We felt that there needed to be a nice vector-based icon set that could create a consistent user interface for the Linux desktop. The Tango icons are building upon many of the current icon concepts used by KDE, GNOME, and Firefox.

Please note that older iconsets can be used with our new framework -- and, once ported, will work across the desktops in a consistent manner.

Terms of Use?

The color palette is public domain. The actual icons are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

…But I like my current theme, my current icons, etc… can I still use them with Tango? How?

Yes! The icon themes just need to be ported. Right now, that means:

  1. Naming the icons the proper names as defined by our Standard Icon Naming Specification.
  2. Running our little conversion utility.
  3. Repackaging and / or installing the theme.

We will have some nice detailed instructions forthcoming.

Where can I get the skin used for this site?

This site is powered by Mediawiki. It has a customized skin that you can get here. To install copy the files to the skins/ folder of mediawiki. The theme is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

On Ubuntu, the configure script fails to find imagemagick, although I have it installed

You need to have libmagick6-dev installed in adition to imagemagick for the configure script to find it.