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Installing Tango is quite straight forward but this guide will help you if you have any difficulties. This guide was written for a user of Ubuntu Linux, but the concepts should generally apply to other distributions.

From CVS

You will need t following packages for a successful installation:

  • automake-1.6 (at least, highly recommended you use 1.9)
  • XML::Simple Perl Module
  • ImageMagick Development Packages

Icon Naming Utilities

First we need to install icon-naming-utils, tools that rename the icon files appropriatly to the desktop environment you use. It should be noted, that every time icon-naming-utils updates, you should rebuild Tango, for consistancy.

So, lets grab icon-naming-utils. When prompted for a password at CVS, just press enter. This will give you an anonymous login.

cvs login
cvs co icon-naming-utils

cd icon-naming-utils

Now, we build icon-naming-utils (in the standard way):

sudo make install
===Tango=== Now we get the fun part! First, lets grab Tango, you'll probably also want to leave the icon-naming-utils directory. This is the same process as before:
cd ..

cvs login
cvs co tango-icon-theme

cd tango-icon-theme

Now, onto installing Tango. This is generally the same as icon-naming-utils, accept you will want to pay close attention to ./configure flags. So, firstly, we need to view what flags are available:

./configure --help

If you use KDE, you will want to have png images generated, but for gnome a standard ./configure should be fine. So, let's get down to the fun stuff!

./configure --prefix /usr
sudo make install

And now, just choose Tango from the theme manager. Enjoy!