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Firefox Theme

The Firefox Theme listed on the page is not so good. In my opinion, his theme is much butter: should we add this theme to the list?

The Thunderbird Theme is buggy, but there is no other, am i right?

Network Icons

Wouldn't it feel more logical to have the 'network-receive' and 'network-transmit' icons the opposite way around - Treating the user's computer as the front-most monitor ???


  • network-receive: network-receive.png
  • network-transmit: network-transmit.png


  • network-receive: network-transmit.png
  • network-transmit: network-receive.png

Further to that, wouldn't the 'Error' and 'Offline' overlays (including the original/source icons themselves) benefit from being different in colour - Yellow/orange to indicate an 'Error' perhaps, and red for 'Offline' ???


  • network error: network-error.png
  • network-offline: network-offline.png

I think this would aid in the visual clarity for most users, taking us one step closer to desktop domination.  ;-)