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Firefox Theme

The Firefox Theme listed on the page is not so good. In my opinion, his theme is much butter: should we add this theme to the list?

The Thunderbird Theme is buggy, but there is no other, am i right?

Windows VS

What about listing this: This is a port from the Clearlooks Cairo Engine in Linux to Windows Visual Style. It includes "Tango" Color Border and Color Scheme

Network Icons

Wouldn't it feel more logical to have the 'network-receive' and 'network-transmit' icons the opposite way around - Treating the user's computer as the front-most monitor ???


  • network-receive: network-receive.png
  • network-transmit: network-transmit.png


  • network-receive: network-transmit.png
  • network-transmit: network-receive.png

Further to that, wouldn't the 'Error' and 'Offline' overlays (including the original/source icons themselves) benefit from being different in colour - Yellow/orange to indicate an 'Error' perhaps, and red for 'Offline' ???


  • network error: network-error.png
  • network-offline: network-offline.png

I think this would aid in the visual clarity for most users, taking us one step closer to desktop domination.  ;-)