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== What is the Tango Desktop Project? ==
'''The Tango Desktop Project''' exists to help create a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source software.
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While the look and feel of an application is determined by many individual components, some organization is necessary in order to unify the appearance and structure of individual icon sets used within those components.
The Tango Desktop Project defines an [[Tango Icon Theme Guidelines|icon style guideline]] to which artists and designers can adhere. Work has begun with the creation of a new [[Tango Icon Library| icon theme]] based upon a standardized [[Standard_Icon_Naming_Specification| icon naming specification]]. In addition, the project provides transitional utilities to assist in creating icon themes for existing desktop environments, such as [http://www.gnome.org GNOME] and [http://www.kde.org KDE].
Eventually, the Tango Desktop Project will provide the following initiatives:
* A suggested default native look.
* A subsystem to help standardize toolkits on a common icon naming structure.
* A complete set of application, mimetype, and stock [[Tango Icon Library| icons]] designed using a defined [[Tango Icon Theme Guidelines| style guide]].
* A general, cross-desktop human interface guideline.
== Who is involved? ==
We are [[The People|engineers, artists, user interface designers, and volunteers]]. We'd like you to be involved.
Join us in our effort to produce a native, open look and structure by contributing to the guidelines, improving applications (by encouraging them follow the proposed specifications), contributing artwork, and by spreading the ideas expressed here.
Interested contributors from [http://www.gnome.org/ Gnome], [http://www.kde.org/ KDE], and other [http://www.fsf.org/ free] and [http://www.opensource.org/ open source] projects are welcome. We invite anyone to follow the specifications defined here, as well as those defined on [http://freedesktop.org/ freedesktop.org].
You can file bugs against the Tango icon library, icon style guideline, and the Icon Naming Specification in [http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/ freedesktop.org's bugzilla].
The Tango icon library, icon style guideline matters, and artistic workflows can be discussed on the [http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/tango-artists tango-artists mailing list]. The Icon Naming Specification can be discussed on the [http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/xdg XDG mailing list].
== Terms Of Use ==
[[Image:Ccommons.png|Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0|left]]
The Tango icons are licensed under the [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/ Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license]. The palette is public domain, it can be used and distributed freely. Developers, feel free to ship it along with your application. The icon naming utilities are licensed under the [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GPL]

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