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| '''HTC Kaiser''' || ''cube'' || work in progress ||
| '''HTC Kaiser''' || ''cube'' || work in progress ||
| '''HTC Wizard''' || || ||
| '''HTC Wizard''' || || ||

Revision as of 22:25, 7 December 2007

This page is not for general icon requests, but a status page for artists working on specific icon tasks. Please do not add your project art needs. Feel free to send requests to the tango-artists mailing list instead.

If you want to join our focused effort to fix a particular issue every friday, feel free to join #tango on irc.freenode.net.

Friday December 7th

More devices again.

Icon Name Taker Status Icons
HP iPAQ hx4700 pH5 work in progress pda-hp-ipaq-hx4700-48px.png pda-hp-ipaq-hx4700-48px~.png
HTC Magician pH5 work in progress phone-htc-magician-48px.png
HTC Herald pH5 work in progress phone-htc-herald-48px.png
HTC Kaiser cube work in progress

htckaiser48.png htckaiser22.png htckaiser16.png

HTC Wizard
Nokia 3310 monreal work in progress
Samsung F700 pH5 work in progress phone-samsung-f700v-16px.png phone-samsung-f700v-22px.png phone-samsung-f700v-32px.png phone-samsung-f700v-48px.png
Sony P200 vdepizzol work in progress camera-photo-sony-p200.png

Friday June 22nd

Gnome Icon Theme needs a lot of holes filled in. Let the status page guide you and claim the icons below.

Icon Name Taker Status
actions/document-save lapo committed (new metaphor)
actions/document-save-as lapo committed (new metaphor)
actions/edit-copy cornelius committed
actions/edit-delete cornelius committed
actions/edit-find cornelius committed
actions/edit-find-and-replace cornelius committed
actions/insert-link cornelius committed
actions/insert-image rick committed
actions/insert-text rick committed
actions/application-exit cornelius committed
actions/appointment-new cornelius committed
actions/document-open-recent cornelius committed
actions/document-print raozuzu work in progress
actions/view-refresh rick committed
apps/multimedia-volume-control rick committed
device/audio-card jimmac committed
device/camera-video jimmac commited
device/input-gaming jimmac commited
device/network-wireless raozuzu todo
emblems/emblem-documents raozuzu work in progress
status/battery-caution lapo committed
status/battery-low lapo committed
status/software-update-available lapo work in progress (small sizes committed)
status/software-update-urgent lapo work in progress (small sizes committed)
status/user-away raozuzu work in progress
status/user-idle raozuzu work in progress
status/user-offline raozuzu work in progress
status/user-online raozuzu work in progress

Friday March 30th

The gtk marathon. Digg

Each of the listed icons comes at two sizes, 16x16 and 24x24 pixels. After claiming an icon, you need to make sure to create both. We will be commiting both the PNG rendering and the source XCF/SVG icons. To minimize the chance of wiki editing clash, please use the IRC and claim a block of icons, instead of going one by one.

We assemble the icons in gnome-icon-theme-extras/temp for the meantime. So check out the svn to grab some existing assets. Once the set is done, we'll propose the inclusion in gtk+ trunk.

Stock Icon Taker status
gtk-about Antoine DONE
gtk-add cornelius DONE
gtk-apply frandavid DONE
gtk-bold jimmac DONE
gtk-cdrom hbons DONE
gtk-cancel frandavid DONE
gtk-clear hbons DONE
gtk-close jimmac DONE
gtk-color-picker cornelius DONE
gtk-connect Antoine DONE
gtk-convert Andreasn DONE
gtk-copy jimmac DONE
gtk-cut jimmac DONE
gtk-delete jimmac DONE
gtk-directory hbons DONE
gtk-disconnect Antoine DONE
gtk-edit cornelius DONE
gtk-execute jimmac DONE
gtk-file cornelius DONE
gtk-find-and-replace cornelius DONE
gtk-find cornelius DONE
gtk-floppy jimmac DONE
gtk-font jimmac DONE
gtk-fullscreen hbons DONE
gtk-go-back-ltr cornelius DONE
gtk-go-down cornelius DONE
gtk-go-forward-ltr cornelius DONE
gtk-goto-bottom cornelius DONE
gtk-goto-first-ltr cornelius DONE
gtk-goto-last-ltr cornelius DONE
gtk-goto-top cornelius DONE
gtk-go-up cornelius DONE
gtk-harddisk cornelius DONE
gtk-help cornelius DONE
gtk-home hbons DONE
gtk-indent-ltr jimmac DONE
gtk-indent-rtl jimmac DONE
gtk-index sgarrity/lapo DONE
gtk-info cornelius DONE
gtk-italic jimmac DONE
gtk-jump-to-ltr jimmac DONE
gtk-jump-to-rtl jimmac DONE
gtk-justify-center hbons DONE
gtk-justify-fill hbons' DONE
gtk-justify-left hbons DONE
gtk-justify-right hbons DONE
gtk-leave-fullscreen hbons DONE
gtk-media-forward-ltr Antoine DONE
gtk-media-next-ltr Antoine DONE
gtk-media-pause - DONE
gtk-media-play-ltr Antoine DONE
gtk-media-play-rtl Antoine DONE
gtk-media-previous-ltr Antoine DONE
gtk-media-record Antoine DONE
gtk-media-rewind-ltr Antoine DONE
gtk-media-stop Antoine DONE
gtk-missing-image cornelius DONE
gtk-network cornelius DONE
gtk-new cornelius DONE
gtk-ok frandavid DONE
gtk-open hbons DONE
gtk-orientation-landscape cornelius DONE
gtk-orientation-portrait cornelius DONE
gtk-orientation-reverse-landscape cornelius DONE
gtk-orientation-reverse-portrait cornelius DONE
gtk-paste kallepersson DONE
gtk-preferences kalleperson DONE
gtk-print Andreasn DONE
gtk-print-preview Andreasn DONE
gtk-properties kallepersson DONE
gtk-quit andreasn DONE
gtk-redo-ltr jimmac DONE
gtk-redo-rtl jimmac DONE
gtk-refresh tigert DONE
gtk-remove - DONE
gtk-revert-to-saved-ltr jimmac DONE
gtk-revert-to-saved-rtl jimmac DONE
gtk-save-as jimmac DONE
gtk-select-all kallepersson DONE
gtk-select-color andreasn DONE
gtk-select-font jimmac DONE
gtk-sort-ascending jimmac DONE
gtk-sort-descending jimmac DONE
gtk-spell-check jimmac DONE
gtk-stop hbons DONE
gtk-strikethrough jimmac DONE
gtk-undelete-ltr jimmac DONE
gtk-undelete-rtl jimmac DONE
gtk-underline jimmac DONE
gtk-undo-ltr jimmac DONE
gtk-undo-rtl jimmac DONE
gtk-unindent-ltr jimmac DONE
gtk-unindent-rtl jimmac DONE
gtk-zoom-100 hbons DONE
gtk-zoom-fit hbons DONE
gtk-zoom-in hbons DONE
gtk-zoom-out hbons DONE

Friday March 16th

Device icons, aka Gadgetango

Application Taker Status Icons
Griffin Powermate jimmac in git-e input-wheel-griffin-powermate.png input-wheel-griffin-powermate.png input-wheel-griffin-powermate.png input-wheel-griffin-powermate.png
Sony PSP jimmac in git-e computer-gaming-sony-psp.png computer-gaming-sony-psp.png computer-gaming-sony-psp.png computer-gaming-sony-psp.png
Sony PSP (white) jimmac in git-e computer-gaming-sony-psp-white.png computer-gaming-sony-psp-white.png computer-gaming-sony-psp-white.png computer-gaming-sony-psp-white.png
Sony S40 vdepizzol done camera-photo-sony-s40.png camera-photo-sony-s40.png camera-photo-sony-s40.png camera-photo-sony-s40.png
HP iPAQ rx1950 kallepersson upstream handheld-hp-ipaq-rx1950.png handheld-hp-ipaq-rx1950.png handheld-hp-ipaq-rx1950.png handheld-hp-ipaq-rx1950.png
Sony PS3 mizmo in git-e -

computer-gaming-sony-ps3_16.png computer-gaming-sony-ps3_22.png computer-gaming-sony-ps3_32.png computer-gaming-sony-ps3.png

Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad ulisse in git-e input-gaming-microsoft-sidewinder-gamepad.png input-gaming-microsoft-sidewinder-gamepad.png input-gaming-microsoft-sidewinder-gamepad.png input-gaming-microsoft-sidewinder-gamepad.png

Friday February 16th

GNOME Control Center

  • #408585 – About Me (app icon in git, other artwork in bugzilla)
  • #408594 – Assistive Technologies (fixed)
  • #408664 – Keyboard Accessibility (artwork done, bugzilla)
  • #408673 – Localization (fixed)
  • #397310 – Menus and toolbars (fixed)
  • #397305 – Sound (taker: cornelius, artwork done,bugzilla)
  • #397312 – Preferred applications (tough metaphor, related to a 6 year old bug #61521)
  • #399051 – Network proxy (taker: cornelius, artwork done, bugzilla)
  • #375230 – Resolution (artwork done, bugzilla)

Friday December 15th

Application Taker Status Icons
Evolution Mail hbons in process evolution-mail16.png evolution-mail22.png evolution-mail32.png evolution-mail.png
Evolution Calendar hbons in process evolution-calendar16.png evolution-calendar22.png evolution-calendar32.png evolution-calendar.png
Evolution Tasklist hbons in process evolution-tasklist16.png evolution-tasklist22.png evolution-tasklist32.png evolution-tasklist.png
Evolution Addressbook hbons in process evolution-addressbook16.png evolution-addressbook22-2.png evolution-addressbook32.png evolution-addressbook.png
Fedora Logo stayfun pending approval fedora16.png fedora22.png fedora32.png fedora48.png
gnome-games: GnomeSudoku stayfun upstream sudoku16.png sudoku22.png sudoku32.png sudoku48.png
Gtranslator Sekkyumu in process gtranslator.png gtranslator.png gtranslator.png gtranslator.png
Java Webstart hbons in process java-web-start32.png java-web-start.png
Keyring Manager ulisse bug filed gnome-keyring-manager.png gnome-keyring-manager.png gnome-keyring-manager.png gnome-keyring-manager.png
Orca stayfun upstream orca16.png orca22.png orca32.png orca48.png
Rhythmbox hbons in process rythmbox.png
Sound Recorder stayfun bug filed grecord16.png grecord22.png grecord32.png grecord48.png
VisualBoy Advance seven.issimo in process gbadvance.png gbadvance.png gbadvance.png
xarchiver baze upstream xarchiver_16.png xarchiver_22.png xarchiver_32.png xarchiver_48.png

Friday December 8th

Application Taker Status Icons
celestia ulisse sent to maintainer celestia.png celestia.png celestia.png celestia.png

Friday December 1st

Realplayer andreasn sent to maintainer realplayer.png realplayer.png realplayer.png realplayer.png

Friday November 17th

Application Taker Status Icons
Eye Of Gnome ulisse upstream eog.png eog.png eog.png eog.png
Network Tools hbons sent to developers gnome-network-utils16.png gnome-network-utils22.png gnome-network-utils32.png gnome-network-utils.png
Login-new hbons in process login-new16.png login-new22.png login-new32.png login-new.png
OpenOffice.org Calc jimmac tango branch ooo-calc.png ooo-calc.png ooo-calc.png ooo-calc.png
OpenOffice.org Draw jimmac tango branch ooo-draw.png ooo-draw.png ooo-draw.png ooo-draw.png
OpenOffice.org Database jimmac tango branch ooo-base.png ooo-base.png ooo-base.png ooo-base.png
OpenOffice.org Impress jimmac tango branch ooo-impress.png ooo-impress.png ooo-impress.png ooo-impress.png
OpenOffice.org Math jimmac tango branch ooo-math.png ooo-math.png ooo-math.png ooo-math.png
OpenOffice.org Web jimmac tango branch ooo-web.png ooo-web.png ooo-web.png ooo-web.png
OpenOffice.org Writer jimmac tango branch ooo-writer.png ooo-writer.png ooo-writer.png ooo-writer.png

Other things to tackle - 16x16 versions of the power manager status icons need to be simplified (no perspective).

Friday November 10th

Application Taker Status Icons
File Roller jimmac upstream file-roller2.png file-roller2.png file-roller2.png file-roller2.png
gnome-games: glChess hbons upstream chess16.png chess22.png chess32.png chess.png
Gnome-blog cornelius upstream gnome-blog.png gnome-blog.png gnome-blog.png gnome-blog.png
Istanbul jimmac 16x16 needs redoing istanbul.png istanbul.png istanbul.png istanbul.png
Mixxx cornelius upstream mixxx.png mixxx.png mixxx.png mixxx.png
Nautilus ulisse upstream nautilus.png nautilus.png nautilus.png nautilus.png
Serpentine vdepizzol sent to maintainer serpentine.png serpentine.png serpentine.png serpentine.png

Friday November 3rd

The goal today is to fix as many application icons as possible.

Application Taker Status Icons
Blender jimmac sent to maintainer blender.png blender.png blender.png blender.png
gThumb hbons in process gthumb16.png gthumb22.png gthumb32.png gthumb.png
F-Spot jimmac upstream f-spot.png f-spot.png f-spot.png f-spot.png
Gajim cornelius upstream (v0.11) gajim.png gajim.png gajim.png gajim.png
Gftp cornelius upstream gftp.png gftp.png gftp.png gftp.png
gnome mud andreasn sent to developers gnome-mud.png gnome-mud.png gnome-mud.png gnome-mud.png
gnome-pilot andreasn in process gnome-pilot.png gnome-pilot.png gnome-pilot.png gnome-pilot.png
Gnomeradio cornelius upstream gnome-radio.png gnome-radio.png gnome-radio.png gnome-radio.png
GNUcash hbons sent to developers gnucash16.png gnucash22.png gnucash32.png gnucash.png
Gnumeric vdepizzol sent to developers

gnumeric.png gnumeric.png gnumeric.png gnumeric.png

Labyrinth cornelius upstream labyrinth.png labyrinth.png labyrinth.png labyrinth.png
Mail-notification cornelius upstream mail-notification.png mail-notification.png mail-notification.png mail-notification.png
MPlayer andreasn sent to maintainer mplayer.png mplayer.png mplayer.png mplayer.png
Tomboy jimmac upstream tomboy.png tomboy.png tomboy.png tomboy.png
OnTV cornelius former tvtime icon now belongs to OnTV ontv.png ontv.png ontv.png ontv.png
Vim toZth in process vim_2_16x16.png vim_2_22x22.png vim_2_32x32.png vim_2_48x48.png