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; Lapo Calamandrei : [[Image:Incognito.png]] has contributed various artwork pieces to the GNOME project and is now a major contributor of top class Tango-styled artwork to both gnome icon theme and the Tango base theme itself.
<center><font size="72">HA HA HA THIS SITE HAS BEEN UBERLY PWNED! <br>(Oh and HACKED)</font>
; [http://pseudocode.org/ Ryan Collier] : [[Image:People-ryan.png]] Ryan (a.k.a. pseudo), has been an active member of the Open Source community since 1997. His work spans many well known projects, including GUI design, usability guidelines, and artwork for the GNOME project, former support manager for Linux.com, and is an expert web designer and Linux admin. Ryan is an accomplished Gimp artist and exclusively uses open source software at work and at home.
; [http://wayofthemonkey.com/ Rodney Dawes] : [[Image:Incognito.png]] is the maintainer of the Gnome icon theme and actively participates in freedesktop.org discussion for creating common standards and practices for the desktop.
; [http://chillonia.org/blog/ Anna Dirks] : [[Image:People-anna.png]] Anna is a usability expert who swears by user testing, common sense and especially using these together. She also has an engineering degree from MIT. She has worked on free software for several years, making the community more aware of the value of usability and consistency.
; [http://nat.org Nat Friedman] : [[Image:People-nat.png]] Nat is one of the pioneers of Linux Desktop. He was one of the founders of Ximian that would later be acquired by Novell. Nat has started many interesting projects, like [http://nat.org/dashboard dashboard] and [http://www.gnome.org/projects/beagle beagle desktop search] and [http://www.hula-project.org/ Hula] and many others.
; [http://actsofvolition.com Steven Garrity] : [[Image:steven.jpg]] Steven is the creative director for the web development firm, [http://www.silverorange.com silverorange], based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He helped lead the [http://www.mozillazine.org/talkback.html?article=4319 Mozilla Visual Identity team] that oversaw the development of the Firefox/Thunderbird visual identity, helps maintain the [http://www.mozilla.org Mozilla.org website], and is  interested in helping make free software beautiful.
; [http://tigert.com Tuomas Kuosmanen] : [[Image:People-tigert.png]] As an amateur pilot, Tuomas, one of the original Ximian monkeys, likes to take things higher.  He defined the style and made the GNOME desktop look wonderful through his beautiful icon work. Tuomas is an avid GIMP user and supporter of free software and has been active in the community for nearly a decade.
; [http://linuxart.com/ Garrett LeSage] : [[Image:People-garrett.png]] Original author of the BlueCurve theme used by Red Hat, also a long-term contributor of artwork and design for a lot of free software projects for several years. Garrett loves photography and has a nice gallery on his site if you are looking for nice desktop wallpapers.
; [http://occy.net/ Trae McCombs] : [[Image:People-trae.png]]  Trae McCombs was the founder of both Linux.com and Themes.org. He's a geek, athlete, graphic designer and photographer.
; [http://straw.sh.nu/ Niko Mirthes] : [[Image:People-straw.png]] is mainly a user, occasionally contributing to various projects as time and skill permits. He tries to be a calm voice for KDE in the Tango Project. He also enjoys photography, mountain biking, and time-wasting video games.
; [http://ramnet.se/~nisse/blog/ Andreas Nilsson] : [[Image:People-andreas.jpg|70px]] is a really nice guy that draws all kinds of stuff. He has never had lunch with Garrett. He is also a level-4 ninja.
; [http://jimmac.musichall.cz Jakub Steiner] : [[Image:People-jimmac.png]] By day Jakub contritbutes icons and other artwork to GNOME, OpenOffice.org and other free software projects. By night he's enjoying the luxury of being a 12 year old boy by playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. As you might have guessed, he likes photography, but also electronic music and mountain biking.
; You. Yes, you, my dear reader. : If you contribute to the free desktop, please join with us into making this possible. We do need your help.
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